Do you like dancing? And you don´t have a partner?


Never mind! Please come to dance Line dance! Line dance in modern dancing style on modern music. Every dancer is dancing alone do not need a partner.

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What we can offer
What we offer:
  • Performace in style of country and Line dance (suitable pro country balls, balls, company actions)
  • Lessons of Country dances and Line dance – by entertaining way. Line dance is a modern dancing style and you
    do not need a partner for it. It is dance on country music, pop, hip-pop, funky etc.
    (Your action we be more entertaining)
  • memory on „Michal Tucny“ the legend of czech country – conection of dance and theather. It si 12 minutes
    performance tag together from his most beautiful songs (suitable on country balls, balls, company actions)
  • Western day – western games for children and adulst, whole day game about treasure (suitable for comany actions,
    children days etc.)
We are also able to assure action by your own needs including band, moderator and technical equipment.




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